How to dance to Live Salsa Music

Posted on over 11 years ago

How to dance to Live Salsa Music Salsa Dance Video

Now, you might notice that when I’m slow in writing articles - its probably because I’m doing something else on the website (like making a podcast - remember, I do have a day job :-) ). Anyways, I’m pretty happy with this episode because I’m a big fan of listening to live music. In this episode of Addicted2Salsa podcast, we take a look at some songs performed live during various events, and I’ll give you some tips how to survive dances that are at live events (with a live band). This is because live songs tend to be much longer and different than the songs you practice with. In this Episode, here is the song list: * [Intro] Roberto Roena and Ray Barretto Medely * Sonora Ponceña - Ahora Si (with Andy Montanez) - a 16+ minute song. * Frankie Ruiz - La Cura (live) * Gran Combo de Puerto Rico (with Gilberto Santarosa) - 40th Anniversary Live - Maldito Callo/A Ti Te Pasa Algo/…(its a medely) * [Ending] Gran Combo de Puerto Rico- 40th Anniversary Live - Bogallo/Mazucamba/Pata Pata..(another medley).

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