Free Salsa Music: Flute Solo Version

Posted on over 10 years ago

Free Salsa Music: Flute Solo Version Salsa Dance Video

Last, but not least - the third version of the ’salsa track’ that I made with Garageband is with a Flute Solo. Using a flute as the main part of the melody is common, but it is usually not heard of enough. If you missed the first two salsa track solos, you can find the trumpet one here and the violin one here. I’m sure there are many of you musicians out there that can do a much better job than I can - and we’d like to hear from you. If you can create an instrumental latin tracks, whether it be salsa, cha-cha or bachata, and would like to share that with the community - send it our way and we’ll post it up with a link to your site/profile. Who knows, it could start your record career. :-)

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