What makes a good Salsa social?

Posted on over 9 years ago

Good morning, afternoon or evening, fellow Salsa dancers. This is Dany Joshua with another mini-editorial.

Salsa dancers are very picky when it comes to attending events. This statement is especially true in New York City. Having said that, Salsa dancers are the most loyal people once they have become in love with an event. Just ask Jimmy Anton.

So the questions is: How do you keep and please Salsa dancers? La Vieja Guardia seems to have found the secret. Bring some good dancers and play good music for them. That's it. The following video of Joel Dominguez dancing with Kim Torrence while DJ Antonio LaConga plays his best Salsa (from vinyl records) captures the spirit of La Vieja Guardia Social, which has become very quickly one of the most soulful socials in New York City. And THAT is saying something.


Saying that DJ Antonio LaConga plays good music is an understatement. And he plays Salsa from vinyl records!!! La Vieja Guardia Social takes place on a Sunday, usually once a month. The next social will be on Sunday December 28th. FYI, the LVG social and yours truly (moi) were featured in a New York Times article last August).

Actually, it takes more than good music to please Salsa dancers, but great Salsa music is absolutely necessary to host a great Salsa social. If you are looking to promote Salsa dancing in your local area or in your city, stay tuned because soon I will write an article about how to organize a successful and banging Salsa social.

In the meanwhile, I want to invite all the readers to leave a comment with thoughts on what makes a good Salsa social.

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