Tito Puente "Rey Del Timbal" - Interesting Era Videos

Posted on over 9 years ago

Since we have started a new routine based on Tito Puete's Cuban Nightmare song, I decided to post a few videos of the late Tito Puente showcasing some of his live performances with his orchestra. It goes without saying he makes Puerto Rico extremely proud.

This is from a tribute show to Hernandez that El Banco Popular sponsored in 1965. Tito Puente (in the back) is playing the famous "El Cumbanchero" song.

Here is the famous Sheila with Tito.

A personal favorite (for loving cha-cha). Here he is with his band at a Club in New York City with a very chill cha-cha song (guajira).

And a fun favorite, Tito Puente on Sesame Street. Who thought Muppets couldn't dance?

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