The 'A' Team.. no, no..the other 'A' Team foo..

Posted on almost 11 years ago

So, I finally got around shooting some video at the club. This weekend Troy and Jorjet (from Houston) came to visit San Diego and do a couple performances. However, when I went to try to record their performance, my battery had run out. Regardless, here is the first video. This is Alina and I (Anthony) dancing salsa at the La Jolla Marriott, where we usually go every Saturday (and some Fridays). Alina is one of my favorite dancers to dance with because she is very smooth and effortless in her spinning (you can see in the video). She also has very subtle, yet unique body styling. Anyways, here it is - another demo video of how we dance here in San Diego. I hope you also like the new 'intro' colors - I got tired of the default blue. Anyways, you can probably talk to Alina in the forums.

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