"So You Think You Can Dance" Picks of the Week

Posted on almost 9 years ago

I have received several emails from fans letting me know that while they may not have time to watch "So You Think You Can Dance", they catch up by watching my favorite picks. While I have been doing this on our addicted2salsa Fan Page on Facebook, I decided to be more proactive and post it here as well.

First, there is the interpretation of the "Love Lockdown" by Phillip and Jeanine. This routine was one of the few where the prop used in the choreography, the locked chain between their ankles, actually was used properly for the performance. Phillip of course is probably one of the best pop-and-lock artists that I have ever seen.


This next choreography is from my favorite couple, Brandon and Janette. Every week they come and just know how to sell a performance (show that it is fun to dance). This is their cha-cha-cha routine that is full of energy!


Now, the most surprising performance of the night was from Ade (pronounced 'A-Day') and Melissa, a female dancer who's core style is in classical ballet. Their performance was an interpretation of the ballet version of "Romeo and Juliet" which was done exquisitely.


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