San Francisco Salsa Congress 2009 Jack and Jill Contest Salsa Videos

Posted on over 8 years ago

San Francisco Salsa Congress 2009Since this past weekend was the 8th annual San Francisco Salsa Congress, we thought we'd share some videos from everybody's favorite event: the Jack and Jill! In this event, dancers are paired up randomly with the goal of entertaining the crowd with the best dancing and funniest moves. In this round, especially the Masters, dancers typically imitate others who danced earlier or have some sort of joke within their dance. Last year, it was dancing while talking on cell phones - this year, the theme seems to be taking off shirts. Here are some of the favorites. Thanks to Kristina Quevedo Video Productions for taking the videos below. If you have any other videos from the 2009 San Francisco Salsa Congress - feel free to post them in our comments below. The salsa videos are after the break!

Cristian and Emily

Luis and Gaby

Milton and Shani

For those who always ask what a Cross Body Lead 360 looks like, Milton Cobo does it a few times in the salsa video above.

Other Videos

[More viakristinaquevedo and others]

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