Salsa Video Contest : Only a few days left for your entry!

Posted on almost 10 years ago

If you haven't yet found out - we are hosting our first contest ever on the website in partnership with FOX and So You Think You Can Dance! You only have a few days left to submit your video. Remember, it just has to be a quick video with a dance pattern that you think people will like! You don't need a fancy camera and you don't need to explain the move. It's that simple! It is something you can do at the end of a salsa dance class! Salsa, Cha Cha, Merengue, Salsaton.. anything goes. [Instructions]

In a salsa galaxy, far, far away... let's just call it Iowa.

To show you an example of a quick video you could take, I have dug up one of the many videos from the very old 'Salsa History Archives' of Salsa Anthony version 1.0. This is a video of when I first started to learn how to dance in Ames, IA in a Salsa dance club I started with a few friends called 'Descarga Latin Dance'. While I will let you laugh at my XL-clothing attire and 'boots for dance shoes' - I hope it shows everyone that with hard work, you can grow your dancing abilities little by little: ANYONE CAN DANCE SALSA. We all go through the same growing pains. Hopefully this serves as inspiration to a few of you out there.

I expect a few funny commentaries or captions below. :-)

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