Salsa Tip #265 : Don't just say NO...

Posted on over 11 years ago

I wrote this late night, so hopefully its coherent... I'll fix it later.
Yeah, this is a small tip - mainly for the ladies. First off, men have a tough job at the dance. Take out the dancing part, and we are left with getting 'approved' or 'rejected' by the ladies who want to dance. Now, ladies, I'll tell you the truth - it requires courage to ask one of you to dance and wait for an approval or rejection. Not only that, during the dance (if you end up saying yes), we have to meet your minimum expectations of what you consider 'FUN'.... so... imagine if you had to do it, how tough it would be. However, most of us have asked ladies out to dance so many times (and have had enough rejections) to have our emotions hard as a rock (and you wonder why guys are less emotional... the ladies cause us to be this way.. :-) ).Anyways, I can tell you ladies, for every guy you turn down - the word goes around. Its not a bad thing or a good thing. It depends how you turn the guy asking you. Here are a couple of suggestions to make yourself have a nicer reputation on the dance floor than other ladies. First of all, if you don't want to dance in a given while or song, step further away from the dance floor. Make it obvious that you are taking a break (maybe by sitting down or getting some water). That helps us weed out the ladies to ask (remember, for us is first come first served).If we ask you to dance, don't just say no - give us a stupid reason. I rather hear 'I'm tired', or "I'm with my boyfriend" than just a plain no. It just seems nicer that you actually have a valid reason (men are logical creatues) than just a 'no'. Most likely if you just say 'no' your salsa stock price will plummet.Last but not least as another quick tip (my favorite one). If we ask you to dance, and you do say no for a specific reason, or you say 'maybe later' - don't wait for us to ask twice. Come find us and show us that when you rejected us before 'because you were tired' or 'maybe later' was not just a blow off excuse. Finding us and asking us to dance will considerably make up for the previous rejection that night. It will show you care and I can guarantee that your reputation will go up and that next time you say no for any reason, no guy would be mad because they know you mean well.

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