Salsa Music Mondays : More Latin Cover Song Remixes

Posted on over 8 years ago

Salsa Cover Song Remixes - Beyonce and Duran Duran"It's the end of 2009, do you know where your salsa shoes have been?" If you've been a fan of the addicted2salsa audio shows, you'll remember that was the intro line for our Latin Dance Cover Songs pt 1 show which aired ~3 years ago this day. Given the popularity of some of the songs featured, one of our addicted2salsa fans from Southport, England (UK), DJ Ivan Yokhna, sent us a few new Latin cover song remixes that he created. I have posted them below so that everyone can start helping build the Part 2 version of the episode.

Given the number of times we've been asked about the Lenny Kravitz salsa version of "Thinking of You" that wasfeatured inSalsa Music Episode #22 , here is a present for all of you.

Which cover songs would you like to hear Salsa or Latin remixed versions of? Let us know in the comments!

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