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How to dance like a professional : Dance Tips for Leaders

Posted on almost 8 years ago
How to dance like a professional : Dance Tips for Leaders

Imagine yourself in that salsa club for the first time: the music is loud, upbeat and with great energy and everyone is dressed in a fashionable way. As you walk in, you approach the dance floor. Here is when you are truly introduced to the world of salsa. You stare at the dancers as you see dancing, executing all these amazing turns; how they dance with passion, the sexiness, and then again, the turns! The never-ending, fun turn!!

Sound like your experience? It was definitely mine, so right away I knew I had to learn how to dance.

Once I started dancing, the better I saw myself dancing, the more I noticed that some girls did not enjoy dancing with me or theyd just flat out say no every time I asked them to dance. Why? After all I was doing all the turns and dips, the sexy patterns, the fun stuff - you know, the works.

It was after some time that I truly learned what makes a guy a great dancer:

When you dance salsa, you dont make the girl do the turns, you guide her.
This observation alone is very general, but it opens the door to help you understand dancing in a new way. Leading is the key to being a great dancer. Lets dive in to see how you can improve the way you play your role on the dance floor as a leader.

Here are my tips:...

Reasons Why You Should be Dancing Salsa Right Now!

Posted on about 8 years ago
Reasons Why You Should be Dancing Salsa Right Now!

Salsa Dancing. What is it that makes it popular today? Why is it that people who salsa seems to be happier, in better shape and in a better mood compared to others? From these questions we see that there are two major roles dancing salsa plays in peoples lives: they are healthier and they have a great social life.

We all know, having heard or read somewhere, about the health benefits of dancing. Here are some of the more prominent ones to be considered:

Its a great cardio activity that is fun; its a lot easier to spend three hours dancing than it is to spend forty five minutes on the treadmill.
You burn 450 calories per hour while dancing. Isnt that amazing?
Your balance and posture improves.
You loose weight.
Your flexibility increases.
It helps develop better circulation.
You will have better coordination.
You gain long-lasting energy as your metabolism increases.
It helps you work through or reduce other major health problems (e.g., depression).

So if these reasons alone arent enough to understand why people pick up salsa dancing, lets analyze the social aspect of it. We all come from different walks of life; some better than others, but for the most part the one thing people mutually seek is the feeling of being important, of having a purpose and belonging somewhere (e.g., to a community or group of people with common interests or goals). That is where dancing comes in: the means to a better end, building confidence and a sense of self that will drastically improve your quality of life. So how does salsa dancing help fulfill this ultimate goal?

Here it goes: Salsa dancing...