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Beautiful Performance by Masacote Dance Company

Posted on over 7 years ago
Beautiful Performance by Masacote Dance Company

I just came across a beautiful performance by Masacote Dance Company from Boston, MA that I wanted to share with everyone. This performance has so many levels to it; it is truly a work of art. Rarely do we see symbolism in salsa choreography, and rarely do we see music written specifically for the choreography. I love the creativity in this performance, and especially the interplay between the dancers and the musicians. Great musicality is my weak spot - I think it really embodies what dance is. I hope you all enjoy it, and thanks to Dany J. (ScarletMambo) for posting this video!...

San Diego Salsa Festival Preview : Joel and Ana "Masacote"

Posted on over 8 years ago
San Diego Salsa Festival Preview : Joel and Ana

Continuing our preview of the upcoming San Diego Salsa Festival, we have the amazing dancers of Sabor Masacote Dance Company. Joel and Ana Massicot ("Masacote") provide an interesting new mix of salsa dance style since Joel comes from St. Croix (Virgin Islands) and Ana comes from Mexico. Sabor Masacote is a dance company comprised of six talented individuals that not only specialize in salsa (NY Style On 2), but also in other diverse dance disciplines, such as ballet, modern, and jazz. You can see a mix of all these dance styles in their choreography.

And here is Joel and Ana themselves social dancing at the same congress in 2005. For those bound to ask, the song is called 'Salsa Buena' by Frankie Ruiz....

Salsa Fusion: Masacote Dance Company

Posted on almost 9 years ago
Salsa Fusion: Masacote Dance Company

One of my favorite things about salsa dancing is the diversity of all the various kinds of dance that can be incorporated into the basic framework provided by salsa. In this series, I am going to share several videos that showcase the fusion of salsa with other styles of dance.
The first video in this series comes from Masacote Dance Company from Boston, MA. For those of you who have not heard of Masacote, their leader, Joel Massicot, is both a musician and a dancer. He has a latin/salsa band called Ritmo Masacote. The goal of Masacote Dance Company is to bridge the gap between music and dance; Joel teaches his famous musicality workshop throughout the world.
This performance is entitled "Afterlife", and was performed at Flava Invasion 3 on Feb 23rd, 2008. The routine is a mix of salsa with modern and contemporary dance elements. Enjoy!...