'Dancing-with-the-stars' Dance Articles

Serena Cuevas and Cristian Oviedo on "Dancing With the Stars"

Posted on over 5 years ago
Serena Cuevas and Cristian Oviedo on

One of our good friends, Serena Cuevas from Deseo Dance Co., made a guest star appearance with Cristian Oviedo (another addicted2salsa favorite) at last night's show of "Dancing With the Stars". They performed alongside another couple, to a new song called "Tu Conga Bach" by group Tiempo Libre. Great job to Serena and Cristian, both in orange in the video, for once again showcasing great Latin dance performances to the world. Don't forget to give us a ride when you become even more famous and drive a new Bugatti!...

Shawn and Mark's Cha Cha on Dancing With the Stars

Posted on about 6 years ago
Shawn and Mark's Cha Cha on Dancing With the Stars

As most of you might have known, I have become an avid viewer of the show Dancing With the Stars. While my enjoyment of the show is watching non-dancers progress to become better dancers, every now and then highly entertaining choreographies are presented that require sharing. Last night, Mark Ballas choreographed a very unique cha cha dance that had a good mix of regular ballroom cha cha with a hint of Michael Jackson pop steps. Enjoy and share!...

Salsa Dancing on "Dancing With The Stars"!

Posted on over 6 years ago
Salsa Dancing on

For the first time ever, Dancing with the Stars is featuring SALSA as a dance category!!!...