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Intermediate Salsa Dancing Wrap Move

Posted on about 7 years ago
Intermediate Salsa Dancing Wrap Move

Another salsa dance video lesson to help keep you engaged in salsa dancing at the night club or salsa socials. This is a very simple move comes out of a open break into a ladies' right turn and then goes into a blind rainbow move. The lead and the follow end up back-to-back, from where you turn and go into a reverse salsa wrap or dance cuddle. Afterwards, Julie will show you some good fashion Ladies' Styling for salsa dancing....

How to figure out what song is playing at the club

Posted on over 9 years ago
How to figure out what song is playing at the club

As I recover from an injury (salsa dancing casualty) in my apartment, I decided I should sit down and talk about things. I ended up going to a club weeks ago and hearing a song that I really liked. However, finding the song took a little longer than normal (yes, even for me). So, with that information in mind, I decided to share with you some of the techniques that I use to find the salsa song I'm looking for. I tried to make this salsa music episode a little more interactive, so we'll see how you like it. However, one note of caution - I was taking pain killers - which is never a good thing when you have me rambling on about salsa...

Omelenko (Silencio) - Larry Harlow
Vamonos de Rumba - Conjunto Clasico
Para Ochun - Hector Lavoe
Devorame Otra Vez - Lalo Rodriguez
Don Anastacio - Javier Vazquez
La Cartera - Larry Harlow
Son Para Un Sonero - Quinto Mayor
Figure it out :-) - hint, it is by Sonora Poncea I meant it's NOT by Sonora Poncea even though they mention 'Papo Lucca'.

Remember - if you ever want to find out the name of a song - you can always try our forums! Please tell people about these artists and support them by buying their music....