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How to Recession Proof your Salsa Lifestyle

Posted on almost 8 years ago
How to Recession Proof your Salsa Lifestyle

Kelly Rice over at Ritmo Bello wrote an article providing 5 tips on how to dance on a budget during tough economic times. While I leave it to you to check out her article for the details, she mentions: taking group classes, getting involved with the community, practicing everywhere, watching others dance and setting up a trade agreement (bartering).

Here in San Diego, on average, a group class costs around $10-$13 and cover costs for a club are $8-$10. If you then add the micro-expenses related to salsa (gasoline, bar drinks (water), clothing and an extra shower a day, etc) - it adds up very quick if you go out dancing several times a week.

Knowing that fewer students are able to spend that much in salsa dance classes, paying for gas, parking and cover costs at the club, I decided to add my two cents to help you 'recession proof' your salsa lifestyle. While I am not an economist or financial adviser, here is my list of ways to help your salsa lifestyle while on a budget....