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Quick Salsa Styling Tips for Ladies

Posted on over 7 years ago
Quick Salsa Styling Tips for Ladies

If anyone out there is wondering, "what can I do to improve that doesn't involve the natural process of getting good over time," I have some answers for you. Using body language (one of the main ways people communicate), you can improve how you look when you dance simply by remembering these easy tips. Look at it this way...for dancers who are taking classes or doing what they can to improve their dancing over time, these tips will help you look good while you are in the process of learning. Often, when a dancer is learning something new, the basics are thrown out the window. What ends up happening is that the body language suffers, so while you may have a great new footwork pattern, you've sacrificed some important basics. While you learn, keep these tips in mind, and you'll always look great!
1. Chin Up
The saying, "chin up" is popular for a reason! With your chin down you come across as self-conscious or sad, hence describing personalities as generally "down" or "up." When dancers learn something new or lack confidence in what they are doing, the chin tends to go straight down subconsciously. By reminding yourself to keep your chin up every once in a while, you will give off the perception that you are confident and happy with the dance. An additional benefit is that keeping your chin up enables you to literally "look up to" your partner as you dance, which will be understood as a sign of respect....

7 Great Tips to Improve Balance while Dancing

Posted on almost 8 years ago
7 Great Tips to Improve Balance while Dancing

Perhaps the most difficult part of learning to dance for ladies is achieving steady balance. Like most skills, balance takes time and practice to achieve, but here are some ways to speed up the process.
Touch up your timing
Once you have a solid understanding of salsa timing, and begin to memorize which foot corresponds with which beat, you will become much more steady on the dance floor. If we have a poor understanding of timing, then we compensate as we follow by pausing or shuffling steps, which brings us off balance.
Focus on footwork
You can improve timing and balance by practicing footwork on your own (plus it's a great work out). With a nice slow song, concentrate on marking your footwork with the beats in the music. Footwork also forces us to maintain our own balance, without a lead for support....