Reasons Why You Started Dancing : DVD Giveaway!

Posted on over 9 years ago

[Updated] After running all the contestant entries through our algorithm (yes, I actually wrote software for this contest), I'd like to congratulate Peter Elia from New Zealand for winning the Bachata Building Blocks 2 DVD. If you didn't win this time, not to worry, we will be having contests on a more regular basis!

I have been receiving a few emails about Bachata dancing these past few weeks, so I decided to get in contact with one of our most popular bachata dance instructors in the San Diego area and introduce him to you: Carlos Cinta. Carlos, originally from Chicago, has been dancing for around 5 years with a very unique bachata dance style. While he mentions that he sometimes dances traditional bachata (Dominican Republic), he mainly instructs what we know as modern bachata which combines patterns and shines.

As most dancers, they end up loving what they first start out disliking. He says: "The funny story about bachata is that I absolutely HATED bachata when I first heard it. HATED IT!!! Then I saw a couple in the club dance it the romantic way and I told myself that I had to learn it." Carlos' passion for teaching grew when he "constantly saw people only doing the basic step" the entire song. He knew there was more to bachata than those steps and he was committed in promoting it at the clubs. Carlos has then gone on to instruct at numerous events and institutions here in San Diego including San Diego Salsa Festival and Dance After School.

To make more people fall in love with bachata, Carlos has given us a "BACHATA BUILDING BLOCKS VOLUME 2" Intermediate DVD to raffle off to Addicted2Salsa visitors. If you are interesting in winning this great DVD, leave one comment below on what got you started dancing. The comment doesn't matter, but they are fun to read and share. We will select a random user comment below on Dec 12th 2008, and the selected user will get the DVD by mail. See the full story and comments for details.

Here is a video of Carlos at one of his lessons.

If you are interested in Bachata lessons in the San Diego area, you can contact Carlos at elunicobachatero<at> . Otherwise, Carlos has a great 'Thrillogy' of Bachata dance DVDs of "Building Blocks" over at Dance Savvy Shop, which is a great gift for your favorite dancer during Christmas time.

Here is one of Carlos' combinations:

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