On2 in a Month : Start of Week Two

Posted on over 11 years ago

Well, its the end of another week. I have been practicing at home (in my kitchen) all my on2 choreography and footwork. I have also been doing excercises in the bathroom mirror and in the car doing shimmies. So, how far have I gotten? Well, to tell you the truth, there has been improvements..To be honest, I've been so busy with the website and podcast - I didn't have time this week to go out that much, but I did go through all my regular classes and training. I have been able to start thinking On2 more easily - to the point where I'm starting for forget what On1 is (hmm, isn't that interesting). I think it actually helped not going to the club and 'having to dance on1'. Tonight most likely will go out because I can't take it anymore - so we'll see how I've been improving. I have been told by some ladies (may I add beautiful ladies..) on my dance team that I have been improving - so that REALLY made me feel better. David Stein and Steve Meyer are actually talking to me now (more often), so I also think its a good sign.So what is up for the next week? I ended up buying a full length mirror from Target (I think it was $5.99 or so). I've started working on doing my basic step and adding the body motions in the correct time - which may I add - its very very hard. I actually would like to purchase a much bigger mirror, but I don't know where to go find it (IKEA?). Anyway, for those following at home - this is my schedule for next week:

MorningWork on Rib-cage (isolation), 15 each side.
Driving to Work
Work on Shimmies on steering wheel, really stretching my chest.
At work..Listen to salsa while I'm sitting down, and only tap on2 with my right, and on6 with my left foot.
(Yes, Sol De La Noche, by Salsa Celtica)
Practice side-steps with shoulder movements (isolation while walking) and rolling of the foot for 3 songs (slow)
9:30pmPractice front-and-back steps with shoulder movements (isolation while walking)
(really slow, while trying to pinch my shoulder muscle)
So, I'm planning on maybe after I get these excercises down pat, I can record them (if they end up working at the end of Week 4) and share them with you.

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