On2 in a Month : Start of Week Three

Posted on over 11 years ago

Well, it finally happened. I can dance on2 much better than I started. I really don't have to think about counting that much anymore (I do have my screw-ups, but I quickly realize and fix them). It happened this week. I went dancing every day except Monday for at least 2-3 hours (on2). But, guess what? I had to dance on1 with some ladies in the crowd - and OH MY... I couldn't. I literally forgot what on1 was. My feet didn't feel right, they didn't step in the right spots - I ended up autocorrecting myself to go back on2. I guess I've built the new 'on2' white blood cells and they are kicking the on1 cells out... in the words of Rodney King: Can't we just all get along?

What is interesting (other than I can't dance on1 anymore) is that I have very few moves on2 - however, I have more body movements and footwork on2, than I do on1, which works pretty well (I end up having more fun because I like adding body motion styling). Its interesting because the stuff I do on2, I cannot do on1 - mainly because there is more (what I call) hang-time between beats.

The question is, what do I do now? How do I train myself to switch between on1 and on2 on the dancefloor. Practing at home is one thing. Being at the club and having to turn on the on1 switch and turn off the on2 switch.. and vice versa.. I'll need to figure that one out.

Salsa Clave

[UPDATE] So, I forgot to mention what the schedule was for Week 3. I went to the club, and something funny happened... I could dance on2 ok with some girls, and others - I ended up screwing up (could be the song or the follow too). I also ended dancing on1 (after warming up) and I did very well with some girls, and others - completely sucked. What I can attest to is that I now prefer on2.

So this week (week 3), I will be focusing on 2 things: one, keeping the timing correct while doing footwork and combos, and working on naturalizing my on2 footwork (I'm saying goodbye to On1 for a long time). Mainly because I really want to start feeling more comfortable.. (and hopefully not have to count while I dance on2). I'll start arriving around 11:40 pm at the club, because thats when most of the great dancers show up (which do on2) -- there is no point getting there early in this diet if I can only dance on1.

2 weeks left... can I make it? I might have to add more gas on the fire to make it happen...

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