Now for a side-step - a little bachata...

Posted on over 11 years ago

Now, I know this is mainly a salsa site, but after dancing a lot of bachata on Saturday (yes I dance bachata too), I decided to post some cool bachata couples dancing - because I heard a lot of people on the dancefloor say how they don't like bachata... and it reminded me when I was young and ignorant (in saying the same thing). Now, I don't like all bachata songs, but I like the good songs that really make you move and really enjoy your partner.. (ehem...). So, hopefully people find this dancing cool and will cause them to discover bachata as well.

And now, I post this video so you can use it to learn some simple bachata moves for when the time comes. He's very smooth and simple so you can try and figure out the partnering.

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