We will be back shortly with new salsa videos

Posted on over 4 years ago

Some of you might have wondered why it has been so long from our last salsa dance video episode back in May. There is a very good explanation which involved 6 years in the making. As most of you who follow our video show regularly know that we have been making salsa videos for you for a very long time. And now, after 6 years, Julie and I (Anthony) took some time "off" from Addicted2Salsa and our regular day jobs to finally have a wedding! Julie and I had had our wedding day on July 27th, 2013, which took over a year and half of planning. If you have evern thrown a wedding, while a lot of fun, it is a lot of work that requires focused attention.

If you are interested in our wedding details (and we'll be posting pictures soon), feel free to visit our wedding site at: https://persaudwedding.com. We appreciate the support of all of our fans who have come to know us through the years and thank you very much for being with us through this journey. With the continued support for our viewers and fans, we'll continue to do Addicted2Salsa videos for generations to come.

Don't worry, after we take some time to rest and return from our travels - we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming. In the meantime, remember that we have videos posted in the videos section and we have a great iPhone, iPad and Android app called "Pocket Salsa" that contains many other salsa moves not found on our website. Enjoy!

[Update] Here is our wedding video trailer thanks to the great people at XOXO Photography.


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