New FANIA Records Website : Salsa Music Remastered!

Posted on over 8 years ago

New FANIA Records Website!For a few months now, the FANIA Records salsa music website had been down with a 'Coming Soon in Fall of 2009' text. Today, a brand new website has flourished to show salsa music in all of its glory! Given everything we have learn from the history of FANIA Records from the PBS Special: Latin Music USA, it is great to see they are back showcasing all the great salsa music from the era plus more! Now you can purchase individual salsa songs, categorized by era, read salsa artist bios, and subscribe to a salsa music podcast on their website. In addition, they let also have a 24-hour FANIA salsa music radio station!

Hopefully someday they'll be happy enough to sponsor our salsa podcast!

[more via FANIA]

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