Michael Jackson, remembering "The King of Pop"

Posted on over 8 years ago

Michael Jackson 1958-2009 (Photo Credit: CNN.com)Photo Credit: CNN.com

Michael Jackson, proclaimed "King of Pop" and undoubtedly the greatest performer and entertainer of the eras, has died of cardiac arrest this afternoon. He was one of the world's most renowned dancers, performers and entertainers - quite possibly of all time. While I am sure there will be many tributes paid to Michael Jackson during the next few weeks, I would like to personally acknowledge that he was one of my inspirations for dancing. I grew up with a lot of Michael Jackson's music and videos - which inspired me to someday learn to dance and learn to innovate in entertaining audiences. After being in the 'salsa scene' for several years, I can attest that he has also influenced many modern salsa dance moves and choreographies that I have seen from many salsa dance companies througout the world. To Michael Jackson, may he rest in peace and his legacy live on.



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