Making Cha-Cha mainstream..again

Posted on over 11 years ago, I actually first this song on the show "So You Think You Can Dance" and man.... it got to me... this thing is really catchy. I really respect when there is any try to making any type of dance music back - and I think he did a good job - even though its not really cha-cha. BUT WAIT!. You might ignore this video, but you shouldn't. This is what I do: I look at the video starting around timestamp 1:39. And then I study the footwork and realize that I can take that 'cool and fun' footwork and turn it into cha-cha footwork as well as salsa solo footwork! BAM! Just like that (and a little bit of engineering) we have new 'cool' and 'trendy' salsa/cha-cha footwork done. Remember, you can take any footwork or anything you see from other dances and put them into your own dance - in salsa, there are no rules on styling - just stay on beat. I love the dancing in this video as well (even though its not salsa....... or cha-cha for that matter). Chelo If you are looking for the song, here it is on the iTunes music store.
[UPDATED] Found another video - but its the English version. The previous video was taken down on YouTube.

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