- a new online store for salsa music discovery

Posted on over 9 years ago

Lala Music Store

I have mentioned some of my favorite places for listening and finding new salsa music (ex. Pandora). A new online music store has just propped up called While I tend to buy my music on the iTunes Store or Amazon, this new website improves the immersion of being able to listen to full length songs and playlists of your choosing (unlimited times*) while you browse for others. One of the more interesting things about Lala is the fact that there is a distinction between a Web-Song (a song that lives on for $0.10) and the actual downloadable MP3 (for $0.89). While I always prefer to download my music for my iPod, the price for a web song is great for experimenting or going through musical salsa phases.

While they are lacking a few general salsa albums that I'd like to see, they tend to have a better selection of salsa, Latin, cha-cha and bachata music than other stores. I even found out about a new genre called 'Bachata-Rap'!!??! If you are picky about choosing what music to buy, especially when you are doubtful of the artist, this store is a great place to listen to the full track before adding it permanently to your latin music playlist.

Anyways, check out Lala here and listen to a few tracks.

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