Kanemaster's top Salsa DVDs

Posted on about 12 years ago

1. Marc Anthony Live at Madison Square Garden This is by far the best produced concert footage I have ever seen. It was an HBO special from a couple of years ago and the quality was so good that I ripped the audio and put it on my iPod. Special guest Tito Puente joins in on No Hay Nadie Como Ella and his performance of "Preciosa" will give you chills. Marc brought his A game for a full hour and a half. 2. Celia Cruz: Azucar It was a toss up between Marc Live and this Celia Tribute because it was equally well done. Just prior to her death, the latin music community came together and did this amazing All-Star tribute to the queen of Salsa. I mean every one that is someone came together for this Univision special to perform Celia covers, Marc, Gloria Estefan, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Victor Manuelle,etc. You name em, they were performing. I couldn't help but get welled up toward the end as she, in her failing health did her best to bring it one more time. It was one of the most moving performances I have ever seen. This is a must have DVD. 3. Celia Cruz and Friends This was a PBS special done in '99. She performs all of her hits w/ Special guests Tito Puente, Johnny Pacheco and La India. Very well done. 4. Salsa: The flim If you want a good historical perspective of Salsa, this is a must have. Geraldo Rivera narrates this 1976 documentary. The quality is very poor but you do get some good footage of some of the greatest Salsa legends, Larry Harlow, Ray Barreto, Hector LaVoe, Ricardo Rey and all of the rest of the Fania All Stars. 5. Celia and Fania All-Stars in Africa I am reluctant to put this one on my list just because the quality is so poor, even worse than "Salsa, the film" but nonetheless the music was good and it has great historical value. So if you are willing to tolerate the low budget very early Seventies' edits, go for it. All of these DVDs can be found at Netflix. If you sign up, I think the first month is free. It is tough to find good live and contemporary Salsa DVDs, so if anyone knows of some other, more recent DVDs out there, please let me know so I can add it to my collection. Contact me at kanemaster@mac.com. It would be greatly appreciated. I know there is some pretty good stuff out there on VHS but I am trying to stay with DVD.

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