Just when you think you've seen every dance style...

Posted on almost 10 years ago

I finally took time to look into this new form of dancing called: "JumpStyle", which in its simplest form is a mixture of ska-jumping, river dancing and techno. From watching SYTYCD, I learned about Gold Inferno - the mask wearing wrestler wannabe who loves to jump. He is the (supposedly) American Jumpstyle Dance Champion. I could not find out through my research how many people competed for that beloved title. However, for those extremely excited to integrate Jumpstyle dancing into their salsa footwork or those looking for a few smiles today, Mr. Gold Inferno has a set of super tutorial videos that will have you jumping for joy.


Now, after I had finished laughing for a few hours on his videos - I ended up discovering that it is more popular than expected, especially overseas. I may not be a fan of the dance style or costume usage, however, I'm happy that he will make some people step up to try dancing. While I can't tell what is the current state of jumpstyle in the world, maybe our visitors overseas can send us an email about it. Until then, you can have a few more laughs at the golden warrior on his youtube page.

[GoldInferno YouTube]

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