Salsa History Snippets : did you know...

Posted on almost 11 years ago

Interesting facts about salsa history and other random stuff....

  • Some Fun Salsa HistoryHector Lavoe and Papo Luca went to high school together.

  • Roberto Roena was also a baseball player.

  • Fania Records was founded by Johnny Pacheco (a musician) and Jerry Masucci (a lawyer).

  • Frankie Ruiz was a fan of the orchestra "La Solucion" and knew all of the songs and lyrics. One day the lead singer didn't show up, and he stepped in - and the rest is history.

  • Ruben Blades has a Master's Law degree from Harvard University.

  • Andy Montaez started out as a singer for the famous "El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico".

  • The first salsa congress was held in Puerto Rico in 1997.

  • Hector Lavoe's real name is Hector Juan Perez. However, because Hector admired Felipe Rodriguez, a famous singer of ballads who's nickname was "La Voz" (the voice), his current promoter gave Hector his stage last name of "Lavoe". Lavoe is a pronounciation derivative of the phrase "La Voz" that takes into account the Puerto Rican accent of pronouncing "La Voz" as "La Voh".

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