Hector Lavoe says : You should always be first choice!

Posted on over 11 years ago

https://www.youtube.com/v/Bc9s7d3l5SEAgain, its September - Hector Lavoe month (and if you don't know me, he is my favorite singer of all time). Its great for YouTube to find all of these video clips (because I only have then in VHS). This is Hector Lavoe, with his song "Plato De Segunda Mesa", or in Hector Lavoe english: "Plato de Second Table" (yes, he says it in the song.. its funny!!! ). Anyway, this song is from the CD: "Strikes Back".What does the title mean? Well, lets say, you go to a restaurant where they serve you a dish. And lets say you don't eat the dish you receive (they take it back) for some reason. Well, what they might do, is that if someone else orders the same dish - they'll just give them the dish you just returned. Basically 'dish of second serving'. Basically, if you don't consider yourself 'plato de segunda mesa', means you don't consider yourself to second best or choice (you should have been his/her first choice!). Yes, thats a pretty cool metaphor for the song and lyrics. If you sing or dance this song, you can dedicate it to any of your ex-relationships. Well, at least, I do.

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