Hector Lavoe 'El Cantante' Movie : New Trailer - in Theaters Aug 3rd, 2007

Posted on almost 11 years ago

Hector Lavoe El Cantante TrailerEl Cantante Chaplin A soon to come tribute to the rise and fall of one of the greatest salsa singers of all time. I have to admit, while I've heard mixed reviews about the film - I am very excited to see it in theaters. I think the critics just don't understand the salsa side of this movie and might see it as trying to make something like Ray Charles but for Latino people - and that is not the case. I do admit that I am a bit concerned with that fact that Jennifer Lopez is all over this movie (in the story of Hector Lavoe). In reality, I'm not sure if Puchi (his wife) played that key of a role in Hector's life.... but we'll see - it is their interpretation. This means they might sacrifice facts over entertainment. But that's just usual 'Hollywood'. The movie comes to theaters August 3rd, 2007.

For more information, music and cool wallpapers check out: https://www.elcantante.net/


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