Happy Salsa Valentine's Day from Addicted2Salsa!

Posted on over 9 years ago

All of us here at Addicted2Salsa hope you have a wonderful Valentine's day! May you share the salsa love with all your friends and "special" ones.

For those looking for gift ideas for that special Valentine in your salsa scene, RitmoBello (RB) wrote an article on great salsa gift ideas. While RB suggests several clothing related items, here at @ddicted, we would love recommending salsa music - since it is the main reason we love salsa. You can find some of our previous articles hereandhere. You candefinitelyget ideas from our forums here: Salsa Music Makeover.

We'd like to thank our friends atJava-Lava Coffee Shack in Des Moines, Iowa for the wonderful salsa coffee creations below for Valentine's Day. Cedric Parlade, the chief Java Lava Designermakes some amazing coffee creations. If you are in the near-by Iowa area, be sure to stop by Java Lava Coffee Shack - they have Salsa Nights now!

The Love for Salsa

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