Geoffrey Spain and Limari Cora at the 2007 Chicago Salsa Congress!

Posted on about 11 years ago

Well, this might be one of those days where I cry out of happiness! I finally got to see (through video, sorry I couldn't make it Geoff) one of my best friends perform a salsa routine at a 2007 Chicago Salsa Congress. Geoffrey Spain started dancing with me in Ames, Iowa (Iowa State University) back in Feb 18th, 2000. It is funny to think back now, because at first one of the reasons we started dancing was because it was the only way to meet (cough..cough..) people since we were too young to go to the bars - but old enough to go to a Latin club called Boheme which might have played 3-4 salsa songs the whole night. It is amazing to think, how when we first started, that this thing called 'salsa' would change our lives forever. This also reminds me of the time Geoff and I went to our first salsa congress (it was Chicago Salsa Congress 2005) and talked to ourselves dreaming on someday being up on stage at a salsa congress and performing a routine! I am extremely happy for them and very proud that he made his dream come true. I only wish I had video of Geoff in his 'early stages' of salsa, so you can compare him now - so it can give everyone inspiration that you can become as good as Geoff: we all go through hard work to get where we are at. Congratulations to Geoff and Limari again - great performance! (and song choice).If you'd like to send a message to Geoff, he's on myspace:

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