The Cure ("La Cura") by Frankie Ruiz - Lyrics

Posted on over 11 years ago

Now, you can take this more than one way. He battled with AIDS throughout his life (which might mean that treating AIDS is worse than actually having AIDS). But, even though the inspiration could have come from that, he's more of a romantic guy - so he probably is talking about a woman. Frankie's lyrics are amazing and his music style is unmatched (not saying he's the best, but his "Sensual Salsa Style" is the best, hands down - of course, I'm subjective). However, I have bolded what my favorite lyrics are: ' La cura resulta mas mala que la enfermedad.' Which translates to English : "The remedy ends up being worse than the illness". So how can you interpret this? Well one romantic way, just think about relationships after a break-up - where the remedy is to basically try to forget the person and everything you ever had with them, in order to move one (whereas, the illness would be to actually be in that relationship that wasn't quite working out, but you still loved them). Anyway, those are my thoughts....Now, for a non-romantic version - but more salsa-ish. Well, as you know if you have been keeping up, I've been trying to move to the "on2" side of things. Well, I have to tell you, the cure of becoming a better dancer ("Only dancing on2 and ONLY doing simple moves on key") for a whole month, going to the dance studio, doing body motions at work and in the car.... it was tough as well as depressing at the club. Most of the people I danced with when I was a good On1 dancer, when they danced with me again, (after week 2) - I got that look of "what happened to you?". It was tough, but just like my friend Erica says - Its like cough medecine, it may taste horrible, but you know that in the end, you'll feel better. Oh man, I feel my lungs have cleared up. ;-)[UPDATED] I think this is interesting (and funny). If you watch their dancing... Frankie Ruiz dances On2 (look at the footwork timing...). Just an observation....

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