First Place at Stevens Steakhouse Competition in Los Angeles

Posted on about 9 years ago

Over the weekend there was an amazing competition at Steven's Steakhouse in Los Angeles, California where many professional salsa dance couples competed for a grand prize of $10,000 smackeroos in addition to respect from the overall salsa community. We are happy to congratulate Christian Oviedo and Liz Lira for winning first place and showing us why they are number 1 (must see video)!

The second and third place winners are:

Jose Chavarria & Stephanie Stephenson (2nd Place)

and Abel Pena & Zulmara Torres (3rd Place)

The judges for the competition were:Judges: Alex Da Silva, Sascha, Francisco Vazquez, Rogelio Moreno, Carolina Cerisola, Dena Burroughs, Alicia Minaeva, Janette Valenzuela.

Thanks to salsahook for posting the videos.

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