Create Salsa Music for Free with Garageband!

Posted on over 8 years ago

Salsa Music in GaragebandNow that everyone is becoming more experienced with computers, I wanted to give everyone a creative holiday salsa project! About a year ago I created a few salsa music tracks that became very popular with some of our fans and we received several emails asking how any salsero (with a Mac) could make their own. The process is very simple! Garageband, a free application that comes with every Mac computer, allows you to do this with just a few clicks of the mouse. When you start a new project in Garageband, you can select 'New' from the menu and select 'Magic Garageband'. From there all you have to do is select the instruments you like and you are done! You can also add your own clave in Garageband to give it a more salsa feel!

Here are the salsa music instrument tracks I made previously with Garageband that are available on our salsa feed (feel free to download and distribute, however, not for commercial use):
Salsa Trumpet Solo (Download) Salsa Flute Solo (Download) Salsa Violin Solo (Download)
Here is a video of how you can easily change the different instruments in Magic Garageband to get the right feel for your musical style.

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