Charging your phone while you dance!

Posted on over 9 years ago

DanceCharge (Orange)

With all the 'Green' and 'Eco' trends coming down the line, it is great that people are thinking outside the box in terms of energy consumption.Orange (a main wireless carrier in Europe) and Gotwind have partnered up to offer their a kinematic charger for cellphones.

This gadget basically uses your mechanical energy (the movement created by moving limbs) to move a tiny generator to charge up an internal battery. After some time (and hopefully a lot of dancing), you would be able to plug in any device to this small battery in order to recharge it.

At first, I'm sure we can giggle at the size of the device -- and possibly how it will affect our clothing style. However, I'd like to get a bit nerdy here: This little gadget boasts a 85% efficiency. (When working with thermal engines the average efficiency is about 25 to 30%.)Not bad for a in-working progress device, that I'm sure will become sleeker and sexier to wear.

My only recommendations would be to make it attachable to the legs where most of our movement comes from in salsa dancing. This way, we can also wear it under our jeans or furly dresses.

While the video below is informative, the dancer is stereotypical. It would have been great if they would have gotten real dancers (ex. hip-hop, techno or salsa). We tend to move more than this super hero does:

[Source GotWind]

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