Basic Salsa Steps Table : Map On1 to On2 timing steps

Posted on almost 12 years ago

So I thought I might post something that is pretty useful for me right now. I actually wrote this on a napkin at a club while I was working on my on2. Sometimes I go to the club and I see a move that I like and decompose it. Now, I can't only decompose it now, but I have to 'translate' it to the beat pattern I need to dance on. For example, if I see an On1 move, I need to figure out how to do it On1, and then translate the steps On1. If you have this similar situation on how to translate moves, I give you this useful table:

On1 StepsNY On2 StepsPR On2 #1PR On2 #2

3<->8 (pause)<->4 (pause)4
Neutral 4 (pause)<->1<->55 (pause)

7<->4 (pause)<->8 (pause)8
Neutral 8 (pause)<->5<->11 (pause)

One thing you'll notice is that from On1 to any form of On2, there is no direct step-correlation. Why? Well, its mainly because the pauses taken are in differnt locations. Therefore, dancing On2, is slower than dancing On1. I will write an article later on about what I call 'hang-time' in order to explain this effect - but I hope this table helps some of you trying to decypher any moves you see. The amount of Hang-Time is shown in yellow for each type of style.

[UPDATED] Not sure about #2 PR, but it was submitted by a user. There might be more than 1 style in Puerto Rico.. funny, I'm Puerto Rican, and I should know... too bad that when you are growing up in PR, all you hear is reggaeton/rap. Sad that most of my childhood friends never really danced salsa.

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