Apple TV IPod Latin Ad : Mi Swing Es Tropical (Salsa)

Posted on almost 11 years ago

Salsa iPod Ad : Mi Swing Es Tropical

Now, I'm a big Apple fan. It is not that i'm a "fanboy" about their computers - it is just that I appreciate (and addicted) to good design, quality products and effect user interfaces.

Now, with that disclaimer and biased opinion of mine out of the way - I'm very glad they are putting more Latin music in their marketing. They just finished releasing a new iPod advertisement that features some Latin musicians and dancers with a bit more Latin feel to it than most of their previous commercials. If you did not know about Apple Inc, they are the ones that made that amazing little device that all of us salsero(a)s enjoy: the iPod .

With that said, you can spot a couple of salsa dancer silhouettes in the commercial. I am really digging the colors they also chose for the atmosphere.

Featuring Mi Swing Es Tropical by Nickodemus & Quantic featuring Tempo

[UPDATED]: Posted the video from YouTbe (since Apple replaced with a Beatles ad). Also found the original music video of the full song.

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