2008 Mayan World Salsa Competition Results

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Club Mayan results are in! Though they are not posted on the Mayan website yet, the Jamaican Salsero Blog has posted the information along with a review of the competition from the competitor's perspective. The 13th Annual Mayan World Salsa Competition took place over the last two weeks, with professional finals this past Saturday.

The winners were David Nieto and Charlene Rose, followed by Raul Santiago and Sergia Anderson in 2nd place, and Christian Oviedo and Diana Sanchez in 3rd. Other well known dancers that didn't make it to the top include Liz Lira with Luis Aguilar, who came in 4th place, and Isidro Corona and Sheila Zepeda (Bay area favorites), who have done quite well in Albert Torres' World Salsa Championships.

Some have criticized the Mayan Competition, claiming that this once revered contest that determined the true greats has since been corrupted and is even being replaced by the World Salsa Championships (Albert Torres Productions). The main complaint is that the Mayan is "an LA competition", meaning that in order to win, one must be from Los Angeles. This is evidenced by the fact that the International category is defined as "outside of California" (though even in the International warm-up dance, some of the internationals hailed from as far as San Francisco- see more info on the video below).


Despite criticisms, many of the best On1 dancers still compete in this competition every year. This year, there were some surprises. Couples like Isidro and Sheila, who won the semifinal round in the world championships, only placed 9th in the Mayan competition. The winners of the Mayan competition, David and Charlene, placed 4th in the semi-finals and 3rd in the finals of the world competition. Some of the discrepancies are no doubt due to differences between individual performances, but it is interesting to compare the two competitions. The results of the 2007 World Salsa Championships are below; you can judge for yourself once the Mayan videos are posted.

Details of placing aside, the quality of dancing is exceptional in this competition. Check out the Mayan website to watch the semifinal rounds videos in both pro and am categories.

2008 Mayan Competition

Salsa Mayan 2008 Contest

2007 World Championships

Final Results On 1
1. Abel Pea y Zulmara Torres (Mexico y Los Angeles)
2. Roberto Areans y Marie Josee Strazero (Canad)
3. David Nieto y Charlene Rose (Ecuador/USA)

Semi Final Results On 1

6. Abel Pena & Zulmara Torres 81.6
4. David Nieto & Charlene Rose 82.31
1. Isidro Corona & Sheila Cepeda 88.3
3. Johnatan Platero & Sophia Cepeda 82.32
9. Kikis Kakoullis & Elina Kostova 81.02
7-8. Ricardo Tellez & Tianne Frias 81.25
2. Roberto Arenas Jr & Marie Josee Strazzero 85.11
7-8. Sergio Jasso & Gabriela Equiz 81.25
10. Tetsu Kasahra & Emi Uno 80.98
5. Ibicocay Regueira & Marina Prada 82.07

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