1st Place Winners of Ocean Houe Amateur Salsa Contest

Posted on almost 11 years ago

Well, another interesting videoclip of this weekend. I went to see one of my friends compete at the amateur salsa contest at the Ocean House Club in Carlsbad, CA. Well, while they didn't win, this is the couple that won - and I have to admit, they deserve it. You can see in the video, what I end up saying over and over again. Simple-Smooth Moves always win over complicated-not-executed-correctly moves. This couple was a lot of fun to watch in the way they took a song (which I'm actually pretty tired of since they play it so much) and made it fresh. I actually ended up liking the song again after seeing their performance. Anyways, this couple was very smooth and elegant in their choreography. They were on-time (on beat) and very good partner work through the transitions. They added a little bit of flavor here and there - and I think they pulled it off nicely! Congratulations to the couple!https://www.youtube.com/v/j5JCW8cDzCg

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